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lonely sunday

Hello livejournal, its been a while...

right now im sitting here waiting for the hair dye to sit in my hair, i hate that. it takes 25 minutes of me having to ignore the huge urge to scratch the back of my head and get black all over my hands. I have no idea how but somehow thhe dye goes right through my shirt and stains my skin next to my boob...
anyway, id like to say that ive been doing lots of fun and excitng things lately, but all i ever do is work, eat, sleep, go to class. except when im with my little teddy bear, which brightens up my days! we've been watching a lot of movies lately, as i get them for free.
colin bought me family ties on dvd the other day.. wow, i really missed watching that show. I love to smother myself with different aspects of the eighties, i cant ever get enough. I now own all the seasons of the golden girls!!! woooooo.
thank you colly (xoxoxo)

so, today at work, angela and kyle told me that next to mike, i am the "weirdest" person there! and aparently "its not a bad thing at all", but it still makes me wonder how exactly I am weird. i do not consider myself to be that unusual, besides the fact that I tend to be really hyper and loud from time to time. whatever.I guess everyone at work are just super boring and lame. I cant help it if Im not lame.

yay, academy awards night!!i hope ryan gosling wins, he wont but its nice to hope!!
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