Carolyn (mentalgeller) wrote,

mountains of movies

i just looked at all the movies i have bought since christmas and its
absolutely craaaazy
it hurts me to think of all the money i have spent on random
movies that i havent even seen!!!!!!!!
i have this thing where i buy movies so that i always have something to watch "just
in case". but the retarded thing about that is i work at a video store where i
get free rentals everyday!!!
i dont know, im a very strange gal
So me and colin made appointments for our tattoos at troublebound the other day
its so exciting!!!!!!
im beginning to build a little repetoire there, as colin already has, i might as well too!!!
Hee hee
its going to be so fun, we're getting the same thing!
that makes me happy
its nice to know that someone really cares about me
i thought no one ever would again
Im still trying ot get used to my septum piercing
its so strange when its up in my nose
i just wish id stop knocking it agaist things, the pain is crazy
but not as crazy as the pain i went thru when i got it done, that was harsh

time to go sort out my huge pile of movies
maybe ill have a ssale on those i dont want
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carolyn!! I haven't seen you in a long time :(
Let's get together....
what do you think?
i think that would be awesome!!!!
call me 364 6355
Hi! Just wondering how your doing, I hope that everything is going well in you life.