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I hereby submit these tales for the approval of the Midnight Society

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I have a confession to make:

I have been listening to ace of base the last couple of days and........ I really like it!!!


That's all

Sunday, February 25, 2007

10:17PM - lonely sunday

Hello livejournal, its been a while...

right now im sitting here waiting for the hair dye to sit in my hair, i hate that. it takes 25 minutes of me having to ignore the huge urge to scratch the back of my head and get black all over my hands. I have no idea how but somehow thhe dye goes right through my shirt and stains my skin next to my boob...
anyway, id like to say that ive been doing lots of fun and excitng things lately, but all i ever do is work, eat, sleep, go to class. except when im with my little teddy bear, which brightens up my days! we've been watching a lot of movies lately, as i get them for free.
colin bought me family ties on dvd the other day.. wow, i really missed watching that show. I love to smother myself with different aspects of the eighties, i cant ever get enough. I now own all the seasons of the golden girls!!! woooooo.
thank you colly (xoxoxo)

so, today at work, angela and kyle told me that next to mike, i am the "weirdest" person there! and aparently "its not a bad thing at all", but it still makes me wonder how exactly I am weird. i do not consider myself to be that unusual, besides the fact that I tend to be really hyper and loud from time to time. whatever.I guess everyone at work are just super boring and lame. I cant help it if Im not lame.

yay, academy awards night!!i hope ryan gosling wins, he wont but its nice to hope!!

Current mood: lazy

Monday, December 18, 2006


I don't like mine at all
Hope everyone has a nice Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, mentalgeller sent to me...
Twelve winners drumming
Eleven sneakers piping
Ten hoodies a-sleeping
Nine blankets cuddling
Eight vans a-reading
Seven clerks a-teaching
Six skittles a-farting
Five chi-i-i-icken fingers
Four ugly dolls
Three daniel clowes
Two new books
...and a spicolli in a roxy.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Does anyone else ever feel really scared about the future?
For the past month or 2 all I can do is think about getting a good job that I will have for a long time, and I want a good one. I know I have a degree but lately I'm questioning whether or not I actually want to do that. i also really like my job at roger's but i'm terrified that I'm going to end up spending a good portion of my life there. ugh.

Tomorrow I am getting my very first tattoo, and I am very nervous but excited! Im not scared of the pain but i have been inquiring just how painful the thing will actually be. I'm most nervous about how it will turn out and whether it will be able to be covered easily. The last thing I need is my mother screaming at me saying "youre supposed to be a role model for youngsters". grr. Either way it think it will be lotsa fun.

I have a new email address now cause people keeping junk to my toher one and im getting sick of it. the new one is:

time to go get ready for work....visits please!

Current mood: contemplative

Thursday, July 6, 2006



Not having a computer to use is really making me very angry
about a month ago now, my dad somehow managed to completley lose our
internet connection, and will not do shit about it
he thnks he will get a new hard drive but is taking forever ot make up his mind
so in the meantime im making due with the work computer which has
and technically im not supposed to be using it
but when you have to apply for real jobs you do need functioning computer

but other than that im quite fine
hopie is home for good now which means i can see her whenever i want
so much for moving ot springdale and living in misery together
i am def not going without her
so now my new plan is to return to mun again
oh my.... i swear ill be there forever
but i really dont want to keep wasting time and energy at rogers
its not the same as it used to be
free movies are good and all but i need a more rewarding job
i really want to go on a vacation, at this point id almost like to go on a
trip with my parents, and thats just wrong

i miss lana and adam :(

ok now i have to go wash permanent marker off me

Friday, May 26, 2006


Today my sweet pants graduates !!!!!!
Yay dolly
good for you
im very proud of you

Thats all
<3 <3

Monday, May 22, 2006

11:52PM - mountains of movies

i just looked at all the movies i have bought since christmas and its
absolutely craaaazy
it hurts me to think of all the money i have spent on random
movies that i havent even seen!!!!!!!!
i have this thing where i buy movies so that i always have something to watch "just
in case". but the retarded thing about that is i work at a video store where i
get free rentals everyday!!!
i dont know, im a very strange gal
So me and colin made appointments for our tattoos at troublebound the other day
its so exciting!!!!!!
im beginning to build a little repetoire there, as colin already has, i might as well too!!!
Hee hee
its going to be so fun, we're getting the same thing!
that makes me happy
its nice to know that someone really cares about me
i thought no one ever would again
Im still trying ot get used to my septum piercing
its so strange when its up in my nose
i just wish id stop knocking it agaist things, the pain is crazy
but not as crazy as the pain i went thru when i got it done, that was harsh

time to go sort out my huge pile of movies
maybe ill have a ssale on those i dont want

Friday, May 19, 2006

1:40AM - im just here

so ive been working at rogers video now since october and its the very first job ive had that i actually enjoy and i get along super well with all my coworkers

for those of you who didnt know, im very liberal on giving free rentals, all you have to do is visit me!!!!!

i reallyl ike it when people come to see me, especially the darling adam g and lana r.... aww i lubs you two!!!

i cant believe how much better ive been feeling in the past couple of weeks, for a long time i never thought id ever be happy again, that id never be the person i once was casue of all the bad stuff that has gone on, and i hate feeling sorry for myself and others feeling bad for me as well. its one of the things i realllllly hate.

But now i wake up every morning not afraid of what might happen that day, cause i know that i have gotten over the hardest thing ever, something that i never thoguht id have to adjust tocasue my life was so planned out
Ive learned that things dont always work out the way you think they will and that time really does heal............with patience...... thanks bunches jordan my dolly!!!!

what would i do without that guy hes sooooo awesome it makes me wanna cry!!!

so anyway, hopefully this fall ill be finally teaching, you know, that thing that i got a degree in and all... oh my.... me and hopie living together in the bay, super weird, but myay be super fun. i really just want ot get in there and do what i set out to do, thats all

and my babydoll.... youre just THE cutest!!! thanks for being sooo good to me

For now im just living each day as it comes, at rogers mostly!!
so please visit me, most likely ill be working with the guy covered in tattoos
everyone's absolute fav (oh btw adam g, he thinks you all are friends!)

thats all for now
Carolyn <3

Current mood: grateful

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

8:45PM - Finally

wow its been forever since ive last written in this thing
and my life has changed so much theres wayyyyy too much to write

Lets just say that i am happier now than i have been in a verrrry long time.
i've realized that for the past couple of years i have been ignoring my
own happiness and i have finally discovered that i am worthy of it

and one special person has helped me to realize all that

hes my little monchhichi


i dont care if this post is sappy, cause i never ever am!!
so i can be just this once!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, January 21, 2006


Is is completely pyschotic that im really excited
about that movie Karla, the one about the paul bernardo and
karla homolka rape and murders???
i am tho, me robert and colin, who also must fancy
this movie, are going to see it.

im feelin kinda lonesome lately
going and doing almost anything helps me to forget it for
awhile which is ok
steve, can you call me if you are reading this, that would be great
i just feel super in a rut

Current mood: meh

Thursday, December 29, 2005

4:13PM - It's a sad day

i hate today.
wish time could have stood still for the past 12 days.
but unfortunately that can never happen.
Steve is leaving at 4:00 am Friday and I ma going to be a state.
Im planning on staying in bed tomorrow all day. I am not gong to do anything
it would have been nice for him to be able to relax while he was home
but his mom would not allow that. she is the ultmate bitch.
i hate her. i am so sad right now.

on another note steve gave keith his christmas gift today and he actually
came out and said that he hated it. t was a fritz the cat dvd that he bought at my store, with
chocolate mints and candy canes. he took steve outside, so that i wouldnt hear them, and told hm that fritz the cat
s a really shitty cartoon and asked where he could trade it in for money. I
knew he hated it when he got it becuse his face said it all.
he is a giant jerkstore!!!!!! i wish i was there, i would ask for it back.

that was for all you keith fans.

im so sad.....................................................................

Current mood: crappy

Monday, December 19, 2005


i am currently at steve's house, and he is asleep in his upstairsbed, that is so wierd. he usually lives downstairs in his basement and i've been here and not seen it yet, it is apparently redone. anyway, steve is already missing vancouver, and that makes me really sad, he is supposed to really want ot come home. oh my. today, my eye is kinda bruised up. I was expecting this as several people have tld me that it will do that after a couple of days. It is also really swelled up and my mom says i look really ugly, but she will never give me the satisfaction of saying she likes it even if she actually did.
Anyway, steve is home til the end of december, so call him if you like. he brought me back some really awesome stuff from the chinatown up there:
1) a pair of pucca slippers
2) a totoro purse
3) a pucca bank
4) an asian copy of howl's flying castle
5) a dvd with that wierd panda character on those
shoes colin found at val vill
6) a fuzzy pin of same character
7)a sanrio character called cinnamaroll bracelet
8) wasabi peas

I was very excited bout it all. It makes my gift look very unimpressive and stupid but it's not my fault that st johns is a hole and has no cool stores to shop in.

I wish he would wake up soon, wehave to go shopping for something for his parents. I HATE doing this cause I never know what to get them.I think I will buy nancy a journal thing from claires with pirates of the caribean on the cover, she really likes that movies, andit is within my budget, however I am running out of money!!! My eyebrow piercing was very cheap. 35 dollars!! however, the place where I went was vert sketchy, called studio maxx, it looked kinda dirty. the guy was nice tho.
wow, this is prolly the most I have written on this in forever. I'm very bored if you can't tell. I love looking at steve's silly little sleep lines all over him they're so cute. Soon he will be up and be talking about Casey again. Grrrrrrrr. this is my time now!!!!!
call him guys, he'd loveto hear from you all
Ta Ta

Current mood: anxious

Sunday, December 18, 2005


dear everyone,
today I got my eyebrow pierced!!!!!!
it did not hurt at all, but the anticipation almost made be break off
holly's hand!! sawry dolly!
anyway, my mom is completely ignoring me and is really
disappointed in me, grrr. I'm fucking 24 years old!!!!!!!!! not 12
anyway, it kinda hurts and is swollen, them's the breaks.
Steve is home tomorrow !!!!! technically monday, 3 am

Current mood: cheerful

Thursday, December 1, 2005


dear Julia
today, your birthday, me and melissa tobin brought you in a little cake
and card and we even gave dr. smith a message to wish you happy birhtday
to the entire class, But where were you??????????
Who know?????????
So, then we had a cake to eat so we brought it to the uc
where colin, robert, lana, adam and melissa and me ate it all up
We had nice intentions.
Oh well.
Hope you had a nice 21st bday!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Today was completely ridiculous!!!
When I went over to the UC today, I was not perpared for the
insanity that awaited me at the table...........Colin is retarded
He bought the holiday pack of Jones soda from the pharmacy at mun
and shared them with anyone and everyone he could sucker into trying them.
My stomach has not been the same since. Every now and them, I will get a little burp
in my throat that is a mixture between the smoked salmon pate and the turky and gravy, it
was really rank. I love how he invited random strangers over to sample the
unique beverages. My ex-prof, Walter Okshevsky, was a very good sport abotu the entire thing,
I miss him very much, he was the greatest prof ever!! If anyone out there
is considering education, keep his name in mind, he's excellent.
I cannot wait to see the crazy pictures that resulted from today's antics.
Thanks Adam Goodwin for the shirt, if it is too small for steve, can I have it????????????
I was looking at it at home, and I wouldn't mind keeping it, then I could make that loser at work jealous
that I know a member of beaumont hamel, that'd rock his sox!
Make good use of those coupons, they expire in early january I think!
Happy Early Birthday to my long time childhood friend Julia English on Wednesday, November 30!!!!
I am so glad that we are friends again, I love how awesome you are, you are so chill
(1st time I ever used THAT, but had to be fit in somewhere after danny's proclaimed hatred for it!!!!! hee hee)

Julia, that horror movie slumber
party is in the midst........ i'm all excited. I'm already starting to think of movies to watch.
I despeartely need a life, sorry.

Steve, i miss you a whole lot. i bought the second season of futurama and I haven't watched it yet, I'm waiting for you, then we can watch them all. only 18 more days. Call me later, loves!!!

Current mood: too much turkey and gravy!

Friday, November 25, 2005


Is anyone gonna be around at mun tomorrow????

Thursday, November 24, 2005


yeah.............I'm having one of those really shitty days today,
the kind where your bed is the most comfortable it has ever been.
I went to mun and came home and slept for like 6 hours....gross.
I was so bored out of my mind that I turned on my Wedding Songer
dvd and sang karaoke songs for like an hour, these are the songs I sang
white wedding, hold me now- by the Thompson Twins for those who
are 80s retarded, do you really want to hurt me, and I attempted to do Rapper's
Delight, but that was a disgrace.....I tried tho.
Then I proceeded to stare at my wall for the next 2 hours. I still feel like I'm in
some sort of trance or something
I really would like to try to do that crazy friends list game thing that I saw on some peoples'
lj, but I'm afraid that I won;t say the things I really want to say.. so I will wait until I am
in a more conscious state and in control of my feelings.
This is really sounding like rubbish, I'm going to bed to sleep for like 14 more hours..
I can't believe I don't have diabetes, I have like every symptom tripled!!

Current mood: tired

Sunday, November 20, 2005


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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Oh my god!!!!!
Julia, I just saw Liam's bk!!!!! I almost lost my shit!!!! I can't believe he is
like 17 or 18 years old now, that is beyond wierd.
what's with the nickname Liam Paradise or whatever???
All I could think about was all the times he would tag around with us everywhere, and the times I actually
babysat him!!!
Now he's so much bigger and drinking beer and......I can't take all this!
Why is it that I am now constantly reminded of how old I am?? A girl I work with is friends with Tracey Brown, remember her?
Anyway, today I bought the new Madonna cd, Don't ask me why, I am addicted to her new song,
even tho she grosses me out in her video, her legs are disgusting
Harry potter on Friday. Who's excited??? Not me!!!!!!!
I don't really care if I see the movie or not, I'm only going for something to do. I've seen all the other ones, I guess I might as well see this one for shits
Robert is coming wih me and megs, but bought a ticket for the 8:30 show, we have tix for 9:30. I'm hoping that we will successfully trick the theatre to get him to ours.
For any of you who like free movies, come to my work on topsail road, I can give you lots a free movies and games!!!
No news, just felt like I had to update cause it was forever since I did.
Today me and steve have been going out for exactly 6 years and 3 months!
I loves you baby doll!!

Current mood: indifferent

Saturday, November 12, 2005


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