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I hereby submit these tales for the approval of the Midnight Society

8 October
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I'm 25 years old, I have almost 2 university degrees, and i work at Roger's Video...I want a real job!!!

80's everything, abba, alkaline trio, all in the family, andrew mccarthy, annie hall, arcade fire, archie bunker, arrested development, beastie boys, beaumont hamel, beds, better off dead, bill and ted, billy idol, billy talent, blankets, blondie, bret easton ellis, bronte sisters, cake, cheese, chicken fingers, chris farley, chuck taylors, cillian murphy, clerks, cold pillows, coldplay, colin firth, colin morris, corpse bride, cuddling, daniel clowes, david cross, days of our lives, death from above 1979, degrassi high, degrassi junior high, dirty dancing, dr pepper, drew barrymore, elvis costello, family guy, farting, fever pitch, franz ferdinand, fresh prince of bel-air, futurama, garbage pail kids, george costanza, ghost world, golden girls, grape flavoured everything, green, green day, gummi bears, hair cuts, heathers, hoodies, hot hot heat, jason lee, joan jett, john cusack, john krasinski, johnny cash, jonathan brandis, kittens, lacoste, license to drive, mad magazine, mallrats, milk, modest mouse, monchhichis, money, my little pony, n.e.r.d, naps, new books, nirvana, oprah, pat mastroianni, patrick star, pee-wee herman, pink, pink floyd, pizza, pretty in pink, pretty woman, problem child, radiohead, ramones, rancid, reading, real vintage tees, rivers cuomo, roger's video, roxy, say anything, sean penn, seinfeld, skittles, skulls, sleeping, slip-ons, sneakers, sophie kinsella, spicolli, steve bays, steve carell, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, t-shirts, talking heads, tank tops, teaching, the bangles, the clash, the go-go's, the hives, the office, the white stripes, the who, thomas harris, three's company, thriller, tommy boy, tony danza, trailer camp, turtle cheesecake, ugly dolls, vans, walmart, watermelon bubblicious, weezer, winners, yellow, young and the restless