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im just here

so ive been working at rogers video now since october and its the very first job ive had that i actually enjoy and i get along super well with all my coworkers

for those of you who didnt know, im very liberal on giving free rentals, all you have to do is visit me!!!!!

i reallyl ike it when people come to see me, especially the darling adam g and lana r.... aww i lubs you two!!!

i cant believe how much better ive been feeling in the past couple of weeks, for a long time i never thought id ever be happy again, that id never be the person i once was casue of all the bad stuff that has gone on, and i hate feeling sorry for myself and others feeling bad for me as well. its one of the things i realllllly hate.

But now i wake up every morning not afraid of what might happen that day, cause i know that i have gotten over the hardest thing ever, something that i never thoguht id have to adjust tocasue my life was so planned out
Ive learned that things dont always work out the way you think they will and that time really does heal............with patience...... thanks bunches jordan my dolly!!!!

what would i do without that guy hes sooooo awesome it makes me wanna cry!!!

so anyway, hopefully this fall ill be finally teaching, you know, that thing that i got a degree in and all... oh my.... me and hopie living together in the bay, super weird, but myay be super fun. i really just want ot get in there and do what i set out to do, thats all

and my babydoll.... youre just THE cutest!!! thanks for being sooo good to me

For now im just living each day as it comes, at rogers mostly!!
so please visit me, most likely ill be working with the guy covered in tattoos
everyone's absolute fav (oh btw adam g, he thinks you all are friends!)

thats all for now
Carolyn <3
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